Anish Sarai

Love, A Mixtape

Rifat Jahan and Javeed Ahmed, Chaudvin ka chaand, Mohammed Rafi

“Javeed Ahmed- We had an arranged marriage, we fell in love only later. I want to dedicate this song to her. It only reminds me of her. ”

Sandeep Madhavan In spite of me, Morphine

“Sometimes you can’t help but wallow in self pity and this song is for those dreary days.”

Carol Humtsoe Love is pain, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

“It is the sheer bluntness of the song I can relate to, love is pleasure and pain at the same time.”

Samrat X, Tum pukaar lo, Hemant Kumar

“There was this girl, once.”

Priya Singh, The Fall, Rhye

“I don’t know what it evokes in me. It’s the emotion that it is sung in, it resonates with me, I love to sing it. It’s my ongoing love song. ”

Jai Bhadgaonkar Tum se hi

“When we were dating and when she wasn’t around, I used to play this song when I missed her.

Mithun Vehra Becoming Insane, Infected Mushroom

“I like trance, I like energy, I don’t want to be tied down. I don’t know about love but this music is right for me, for now.”

Rifat Jahan and Javeed Ahmed

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